Protect your baby in winter ailments separation

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Protect your baby in winter ailments separation

Protect your baby in winter ailments separation

Sudden changes in the weather caused the injury to children with many diseases, especially in the winter, when the temperature drops dramatically, longer winter diseases season and infection, where the virus spread and be more active and be quick to move, and in order to preserve the health of our children in this chapter you some Here are some ways:

Increase clothing:If an adult needs to 4 layers of clothing even feel the warmth, it is natural that the child needs to be 5 layers, and lies ease  dress in the event of a sense of warmth indoors, commensurate with the ambient temperature.
Suitable for your child’s clothing:It is important to choose baby clothes carefully during the winter, it is advisable to wear your baby winter socks to preserve the warmth of his feet in the days of greatest winter cold, as well as gloves, because the parties are most likely to feel frost and cover the head and work on the child’s nose temperature sensor are evidence of the warmth of the child .

The safety of your child:

Some mothers have and private workers to leave their children alone at home, but in the winter the situation is different, as is advised that evaluating adjust home temperature for your child, so do not feel cold or get sick.
Playing sports:Sports are advised to exercise a day with your child, it is important that sport practiced by the child’s appropriate for his age, interests and skills are, because the winter sport helps to stimulate blood circulation and then the feeling of warmth, with strengthening the immune system of the child.
Car ride:When the car ride, Strip off the head cover for the child and a layer of clothes to avoid an increase in temperature with running conditioning hot car, may not keep the baby for a long time outside the home if the weather is very cold even though the clothes were heavy, and better to work to keep the temperature of the car moderate.

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