Craving ,,, fact or fiction?

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Craving ,,, fact or fiction?

?Craving ,,, fact or fiction

The first stage of pregnancy, the beginning of the physiological and hormonal changes in women.Among the changes in them, the food needs of her body and the fetus together. The lattercaused open a large appetite for women smelters accept on eating foods in large quantities, andit comes to eating foods were not interested in before. From here it came to be called on this stage name “craving.” This phase has known craving eating strange things.
Medically, specialists say that some women prefer things without the other during the period of craving, there are those who increase their consumption of sugars, and others prefer acid or citrus greater, and this is due to the requirements of the body, which gives a lot of nutrition and vitamins to the fetus in order to grow.

 May be a porter for psychological reasons, make eating certain foods, the cause of the improvement in the mood of the carrier, which is volatile during this period.

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